ASDF and the Joint Operations Center (JOC)

State Military Operations Planning

    State Military operations and exercises are initiated by the Joint Operations Center (JOC) of the Joint Forces Headquarters Task Force, DMVA.
  • Disasters can prompt the DMVA State Emergency Operations Center (Emergency Services) to request military assistance in the form of personnel and equipment from the JOC. Such was the case in Operation Deep Dig in Cordova, Alaska in 2012.

Joint Operations Center

  • Along with the National Guard, the ASDF is a participant in planning and execution of DMVA military plans for disaster and military response for Alaska.
  • The ASDF has a seat in the JOC to fully participate.
  • Participation in the JOC also allows the ASDF to contribute to the plan for its role in major military exercises, such as Operation Vigilant Guard and humanitarian medical operations, such as Operation Arctic Care.
  • Because military exercises are planned in anticipation of actual events which may impact Alaska, they are extremely useful to rehearse for major events.

JOC Training for ASDF

  • The National Guard and the DMVA have provided extensive JOC training for the ASDF.
  • A number of ASDF officers are trained through Advanced JOC 201 Training.

The ASDF provides Liaison Officers to the JOC from the field.

  • ASDF personnel recently reported to the JOC during Operation Deep Dig 2012 from Valdez.
  • A number of ASDF officers are trained through Advanced JOC 201 Training.
  • During September Severe Storms 2012, the ASDF called in situation reports from flooding and hurricane force winds from Seward and Wasilla.

We Are on the Team!

The DMVA Team is the Alaska Army National Guard, the Alaska Air National Guard, The Alaska State Defense Force, The Alaska Naval Militia, Missile Defense, The Space Corporation, The Department of Emergency Services, Veterans Affairs and the State of Alaska Homeland Security.

The Alaska State Defense Force does not respond alone, but responds in strength with the entire DMVA Team.

Through the JOC we have a coordinated response to military emergencies and natural disasters by:

  • Unity of Purpose
  • Unity of Training
  • Unity of Resources
  • Unity of Planning
  • Unity of Missions and Mission Accomplishment
  • Unity of our effectiveness to protect Alaskans and their families