ASDF Galleries:

OCS and Senior NCO Academy

A class photo of the ASDF Officer Candidate and Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy L-R CPT Timmothy Stephan, SSG Alfred Andre, LTC Charles Lund, and other members of the ASDF practicing Drill and Ceremony

Wounded Warrior Project

ASDF SGT James York helping with the set-up at the Wounded Warrior event on the Kenai River group of Wounded Warrior fishermen and some ASDF members at the Kenai River


LTC Doyle Holmes and LTC David Stevens with the WildBlue communications set up LTC Doyle Holmes and LTC David Stevens demonstrating utilizing the WildBlue satellite communications

Water Purification

The ASDF Water Treatment Group in Delta Junction with a water treatment machine from CampWater Ind. The ASDF members training with the 207th Water Treatment section at the Alcantra Armory.

The ASDF 1st Battalion was in Kenai's 2013 July 4th Parade, "America, Our Heritage & Hope".

The color guard consisted of the 1st. Battalion's Warrent Officer Donald Zigga, Sergeant Victor Hauck, and Private Jonathon Hauck. LTC John James, from the Palmer/Wasilla area, supplied the military vehicles.

SGT Victor Hauck, CWO Donald Zigga, and PVT Jonathon Hauck on the Kenai 4th of July 'America, Our Heritage & Hope' Parade route. The ASDF color guard in the Kenai 4th of July parade 2013.