Joint Staging and Reception (JRSOI)

  • When a major event affects Alaska, thousands of troops could come to Alaska to assist.
  • These National Guardsmen from other states are called EMAC troops.
  • The ASDF would augment the National Guard by in-processing the troops, giving them an orientation to Alaska and getting them to the point of need.
  • By utilizing a small number of ASDF troops for JRSOI, the ASDF assists in providing a tremendous force multiplier to the disaster or emergency by assisting in the deployment of thousands of trained and equipped soldiers to the point of need.
  • During Operation Vigilant Guard 2010, the ASDF assisted the National Guard to process approximately 4,000 troops.
  • At the end of the event or exercise, the ASDF would also out process the EMAC troops back to their home states.